Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Spunky Max Elliot Anderson's Exciting Adventures

I've always had a hand in several different things during my life. For most of the time, I've been involved in the production of films, video programs, and television commercials.

This has allowed me to travel and meet many interesting people.

One of those meetings resulted in a working relationship with a talented missionary / wildlife artist in Africa.

And as a result of growing up in Northern Indiana, I met a family that produces the finest honey anywhere. The flavors are based on where the bees have been kept. Each honey has its own distinctive character and natural flavor. Those flavors include Blueberry, Michigan Star Thistle, Basswood, Cranberry Blossom, Wildflower, Clover, Citrus, and many, many more.  The national honey brands simply put all the honeys into a big vat and cook the stuffin’s out of it in order to make sure it has a long shelf life. Here’s more information about Laney Honey I have distributed some of their products for nearly twenty years in the Northern Illinois area where I live now.

It wasn’t until I turned 55 that I began writing adventures & mysteries for readers 8 – 13, especially boys. I wrote like a madman for nearly four years, completing 36 manuscripts. By early 2012, nine of those will be published. The thing is, I grew up hating to read, even though my father had published over 70 books during his lifetime. I never read any of them. After extensive research into why I didn’t like to read, I began writing the kinds of books I would have enjoyed as a child. While writing them, I often felt like a kid, all over again. If you have grandchildren, and are concerned about their reading, too, this blog post might interest you
Years ago, I used to think it was silly when someone said, “You’re only as old as you feel.” Today, I completely agree with that statement. In addition, I also believe that there is tremendous healing power in laughter, a positive attitude, and having a great sense of humor. That’s why I devoted several years to a project that I’ve recently sent to my agent. The title is, “The Sense of Humor.” The book looks at the positive power of humor in our health, families, work, relationships, ministries, education, and other areas. My agent is looking for a publisher now.

I suppose I’ll probably never retire. I didn’t intend to anyway, but there are simply too many things that interest me at this stage of life. And doesn’t the computer open up the entire world to us? I like to change that old phrase about aging to, “You’re only as young as you think.”
Max Elliot Anderson


  1. Good for you!

    Your life is much more exciting than mine, Max!

    Morgan Mandel

  2. Who needs retirement? This is way more fun!

  3. Agree, agree, agree! I'll never retire either, Max. Way too much left to do!


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