Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jean Henry Mead Tells Us About A Spunky Virtual Tour & Her Own Books

The cover on the left is from a A Village Shattered, first in my Logan & Cafferty series.
On the right is Murder on the Interstate, my recent release and third novel in the series.

The series features my two 60-year old amateur women sleuths traveling the West in their motorhome solving murders. They  change their home base in the first novel from central California to central Wyoming (as I've done).
The Mountain photo is taken from the deck of our retirement ranch house (where we now live) in Wyoming's Laramie Mountains at 6,800 feet.
And now, here's something about the exciting, Spunky Virtual Tour - 
When fifteen mature mystery writers get together online to party—the oldest in her eighties—you have the makings for holiday fun, with more than 60 books to be given away.
The “Mystery We Write” Virtual Book Tour is planned for a two-week run from November 25 until December 9. Fifteen tours will take place concurrently on a rotating basis, with the writers hosting one another on their blog sites. Sound confusing? It could be if Anne K. Albert wasn’t coordinating the schedule, which can be found on my blog site:
The tour has been in the planning stage since August, with the writers working on writing their articles and answering interview questions as well as collectively deciding the details of the tour. Among the writers are Tim, Hallinan, Marilyn Meredith, Michael Orenduff, Jinx Schwartz, Earl Staggs, Beth Anderson, John Daniel, Jackie King, Ron Benrey, Alice Duncan, Pat Browning, M.M. Gornell and Wendy Gager, all of whom will be offering writing advice and tidbits about their books and lives. There will even be pictures of their writing work spaces.
They’ll also be drawing names to award their mystery novels to visitors who leave comments and their screen names. So, if you enjoy the intrigue of mysteries and suspense, there’s a good chance of winning at least one book while getting to know the writers and how they operate.
I hope you’ll check out the schedule on my blog site and visit some, if not all the sites, listed. We all wish you the best and happiest of holidays!

For more about Jean Henry Mead, you're invited to visit:

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  1. Welcome to Spunky Senior Authors, Jean. It sounds like you and the rest of the tour crew will be very busy!

    Morgan Mandel

  2. We are, indeed, Morgan, and excited about the tour. I don't think any tour group has ever given away as many books. Thanks for featuring both the tour and my own mystery novels. I hope to see you and my fellow Spunky Seniors at the holiday tour.

  3. I'm looking forward to participating in the incredible blog tour, Jean. All those fine authors! All those free books to be given away!
    This will be the Biggest, Bestest, Boldest Blog Tour ever.

  4. Oh, does that sound fun! I will definitely look for all your posts!

  5. Yes, you're right, Earl. It's going to set virtual blog touring history. :)I'm really looking forward to it.

  6. Thanks, Jenny. I look forward to seeing you there.

  7. What a fantastic idea. I wish all the writers on the tour lots of luck and sales! I'm going to check in on as many as I can.

  8. Thank you, Jan. I hope you enjoy the tour.


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