Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Spunky Senior, The DanZman, Still Rocks!

The DanZman at Mt Prospect Lion's Club
4th of July event, 2009, starring Ronnie Rice.
  Eleven years ago I wrote a story for the Daily Herald about a popular figure in the NorthWest suburbs. Since then, the subject of my story, The DanZman, a Spunky Senior, still rocks non-stop.

With Kerry of Libido
Funk Circus at the
Mane Event 2011, in
Arlington Heights

The DanZman's not a band member, but almost every band in the area knows him personally or knows of him.
When he's in the audience, way in the front dancing where you can't miss him, he almost always gets a call-out from the band some time during the performance. If he's not there, it may be a sign the band isn't too terrific; that is, unless there are lots of great bands playing at the same time. After all, he can't be everywhere.

His collection of band tee shirts has to rival a Valley Girl's shoe closet. When more than one band is featured on a particular night, The DanZman delves into his gym bag and changes shirts to reflect whichever band takes the stage.

Here's a link to my story about him, written in those long ago days before I acquired my pen name -


  1. Welcome to Spunky Seniors, DanZman! I admire your energy. I don't know how you do it!

    Morgan Mandel

  2. The DanZman is truely a one of a kind guy. I'm glad to call him my friend ! Good Paul

  3. Very fun! I can recall seeing him lots of times doing his thing...way to go DanZman!


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