Thursday, September 6, 2012

Spunky Lesley Cookman Is Quintessentially English

 Lesley started writing almost as soon as she could read, and filled many exercise books with pony stories until she was old enough to go out with boys.

Since she's been grown up, following a varied career as a model, actor, air stewardess and disc jockey, she's written short fiction and features for a variety of magazines, achieved an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Wales, taught writing for both Kent Adult Education and the WEA and edited the first Sexy Shorts collection of short stories from Accent Press in aid of the Breast Cancer Campaign. 

The Libby Sarjeant series is published by Accent Press, who also publish her book, How to Write a Pantomime, with a foreword by Roy Hudd.   Lesley is a member of the Romantic Novelists' Association, the Society of Authors and the Crime Writers' Association. 

I’m very pleased to be invited to this blog of which, as an English writer, I had never heard! My books, available in print or ebook, are quintessentially English and fall into what is now known as the “cosy” category, but follows the pattern of the Golden Age British Detective story.

They were my favourite reading from the age of nine, when my parents first allowed me to read a book by Carter Dickson. I went on to become a model, an actor, British Airways cabin crew and finally, a free lance journalist and editor. I also wrote short fiction for women’s magazines and pantomimes, that peculiarly British form of Christmas entertainment. The pantomimes are still performed in theatres across Britain every year. 

Murder by Magic is the tenth in the Libby Sarjeant series, and you can buy it here:

Amazon UK Link:

You can reach Lesley at:
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  1. Welcome to Spunky Senior Authors and Talents, Lesley. I love your profile pic. Very English and very authorly, with all those books in the background!

    Morgan Mandel
    Twitter: @MorganMandel

  2. Greetings, Lesley!
    Like you, I've been writing as long as I can remember - it used to drive my father furious when he came home from work to discover his 6-y-o son had already completed the Crossword in his evening paper! :)

    I don't have a CV to equal yours, but I've had a few bits & pieces published and I'm looking forward to seeing two more (one for adults, one for children) on the shelves before Christmas.

    I only discovered this website recently - maybe between us we can teach our Yankee Cousins to SPELL!!

  3. Hi Lesley,
    My you certainly have had a varied career, very handy for a writer. I am an Aussie, but I have a son living in London.
    Good luck with all your writing ventures.


  4. Thank you for all the comments - and hello, Brian! Long time, no see. If anyone wants to know more, there's a link to join my newsletter on my website. Very pleased to have discovered this blog, thank you Morgan.

  5. I haven't read the Libby Sarjeant series, but I have an American's fascination with cozies, so will definitely seek them out. Your life sounds so interesting, the best that we can hope for!

  6. Sounds exactly like the type of book I would love! I ordered the first in the series. Thank you!


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