Thursday, June 7, 2012

More Guests on the Way

We have some great guests lined up for Spunky Senior Authors and Talents. Anna Jacobs will be here on June 14, Shirley Bosius on June 28 and Sheila Newberry on July 13.

In the meantime, I'm busy promoting The Corner Cafe: A Tasty Collection of Short Stories, in which two of my stories are included.

What they're about:
In What Nice Blessings, tragedy strikes a young adult, testing her courage and teaching her the value of friendship.

The Closing of the Corner Cafe describes the rise and fall of a cherished eating establishment.

Mark your calendar to check over the weekend of June 9 and 10, since we will be offering our book for free at:

Our authors are doing a Blog Book Tour to get folks acquainted with us and our short story book. You're welcome to follow along. Here's the lineup of where we'll be. Note, I'll be on Helen Ginger's blog on June 14, at, & she'll visit me June 18 at .

June 4 Blog Book Tours Kick-off
June 5 Bob Sanchez
June 6 Red Tash
June 7 Magic Dog Press
June 8 Heidi Thomas
June 11 Marian Allen
June 12 W.S Gager
June 13 Chris Verstraete
June 14 Helen Ginger
June 15 Kathy Wheeler
June 18 Morgan Mandel Double M
June 19 Pat Bean
June 20 Shonell Bacon
June 21 Alberta Ross
June 22 Karen Casey Fitzjerrell
June 25 Pat Stoltey
June 26 SB Lerner
June 27 Maryann Miller
June 28 Mary Montague Sikes
June 29 Stephen Tremp

Spunky Senior, Morgan Mandel, writes mysteries, romances, thrillers and short stories. She also has a pit bull named Rascal, likes country music, going to the casino, playing Bingo, going to rummage sales, garage sales, and festivals. Morgan is the owner of this blog.

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