Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spunky Senior Morgan Mandel Plays Bingo, Slots and Goes to Flea Markets

I'm not afraid to tell people I'm over 60. I also readily admit to enjoying typical senior pastimes. One is playing Bingo. When I was younger, one of the nearby churces held a weekly Bingo, which I often attended. Now I don't get to play as often, but I do enjoy it. It's more fun when I win, though, than when I'm waiting for one number, which never comes in!  In this pic, I'm on vacaton at Lake of the Torches Bingo Hall. Notice, the great dessert next to my sandwich and chips. It's okay to eat that sort of thing on vacation, because everyone knows that vacation calories and holiday calories don't count, right?

Here I am in front of one of my very favorite vacation haunts, Lake of the Torches Casino. I absolutely love playing slots. Whether I'm winning or losing, I find it almost impossible to tear myself away from a machine. The ones I play are called penny slots, but they really aren't. To get anything good, you need to play at least 45 or 90 cents. On vacation, if I get a decent win the first time, I let myself go back to the casino again. If not, I try to keep busy doing other things, like reading or working on a book, walking my dog, Rascal; or if desperate enough, I even go fishing with my husband. Anything to resist the urge to go back to the casino and lose more money. Now that I'm retired, this year I'll need to be extra careful not to give in.

Morgan Mandel at Apple Fest

I also love flea markets and craft shows. Such places are exciting, because you never know what kind of items you'll find, which aren't available at regular stores.

About those regular stores - I like Kohl's the best. They always have great coupons and deals. There also just happen to be one in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. I might be going over there again real soon.

I mentioned writing before. If you'd like to see excerpts of all four of my books, you can find them at along with buy links.

What about you? Do you enjoy senior pastimes? Or do your tastes run elsewhere?


  1. Morgan,

    At the moment I tutor SAT students and kids and coach a writing friend with only 3 years of writing seriously under her belt. I FB when I can find time and I don't think I do any senior things. I'll be 69 this month. Hmmm, maybe I should find 1 senior thing to do.

  2. Oh you rock! I love that you admit to all your likes. And good for you.

  3. I am right there with you about the slot machines! Great entertainment! Yes, the penny slots are the best. I get so excited when I win...say...600! Okay, that's 600 pennies, but it's the thrill that counts! And even if I lose, I have the entertainment. I love the lights and sounds and those pretty pictures on the slot machines. I do not play ugly slots. I want only the ones with pretty pictures and cool sounds!

  4. About those slot machines. They have too many really nice, new ones where I go, and they're too much fun to play. They are very hard to resist!

    Morgan Mandel

  5. Naw, you can't be over 60! grin. I used to like playing the nickel slots, when you actually got to pull the handle and real nickels came tumbling out. It was more the action and the sound. These electronic ones where you just punch the button and get a ticket (if you win) are no fun at all for me! :)

  6. Hi Morgan,
    I've always enjoyed Bingo too. And Kohl's is on of my favorite stores. They always seem to have something I need - on their clearance racks.

  7. Morgan--I like the penny slots, too. I get to go once a year, and since my husband is finished as soon as he loses 5 dollars, he wanders for three days while I play, play, play. He doesn't like to hang around with me, thinking I wouldn't like I have to beg him--sit here beside me--maybe you'll bring me luck. Since I can usually do prety well on them, he's astounded when I hit somthing that gives me 20 dollars or so.
    I am a habit-driven person. I try not to be, but I find I operate best if I have a routine of sorts.
    I nejoyed your post--

  8. Morgan, please tell us your secret for looking so young. Mary Marvella is another who looks twenty years younger.

    I tried Bingo for a couple of years more for socializing than playing. Slot machines is okay with me if I win, but after ten minutes I do like Celia's husband and wander around. Morgan, glad you had a great vacation.

    1. My Mom always looked younger than her age, so I'm lucky that way. Also, I've never smoked and I've heard that smoking adds wrinkles.

      Morgan Mandel

  9. Going back again soon and hope to do better!

    Morgan Mandel


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